Why you should open your mind to the new lighting technology

March 01, 2017

What compels the government to interfere with free enterprise, particularly the production of light bulbs that we have been using our whole lives? Well, if the new regulations are responsible for the following exchange, and the incredible advances in lighting that precipitated it, then maybe the government should have a hand in mandating efficiency.

“How long will the bulb last?” she asked, “And how much is a replacement?” The lady was looking at a new LED reading lamp for her husband. She wanted to know where she could get a replacement bulb when it burned out and how much it would cost.

“You cannot replace the bulb because it does not have a bulb,” I replied. “This lamp has an expected life of fifty thousand hours. How often does your husband use a lamp?”

“Three or four hours a day, probably,” she answered.

“Then let’s call it five hours. At fifty thousand hours, we’re talking about a life expectancy of more than ten thousand days. That’s just over twenty-seven years this lamp should last you.”

She looked right at me, “I won’t be here that long. I’ll take it.”

Replacement life. LED has redefined lighting and the discussion thereof. Life expectancy is no longer measured in hundreds of hours but in tens of thousands of hours, or years. The floor lamp this lady bought is expected to last nearly three decades, based on projected daily usage. With many LED products, there are no replacement parts when they burn out. By the time an LED lighting device is no longer usable, it will be obsolete and something better will replace it.

Safety. Have you ever touched a reading light after it has been on? You are lucky to get away with only second degree burns. With LED, no such problem exists. While a bit warm in some cases, an LED lamp is never dangerously hot to the touch.

Energy efficiency. Fifty watts. That’s how much energy the lady’s lamp she bought for her husband uses. And that’s a hog in the LED field. There are now thirty-watt exterior lights for the sides of buildings replacing fixtures that burned a hundred-fifty watts. They can actually light an entire parking lot beside a building with a fraction of what was required a few short years ago.

If you open your mind to the new lighting technology, you will ultimately save money, while marveling at the incredible performance of this relatively new lighting source: LED...and if you think what we’re seeing now is amazing...you ain’t seen nothing’ yet!